COVID-19 Updates

08/28/20 – COVID-19 Update

Dear Wonderful CLA Families,

     Praise the Lord! We just finished our second full week of school. I want to express my gratitude to the families for your cooperation by prescreening your child before coming to school. Many of you have made wise decisions and prevented complicated situations by keeping your children home. Thank you for supporting the mask policy at school and encouraging your children to wear them even when you are out and about during non-school hours. Thank you for helping us keep outside traffic on campus to a minimum during the school day. Lastly, thank you for all the wonderful donations for cleaning supplies. Even though you weren’t asked, you still gave.  Before we break for the weekend here are a few reminders and changes for next week.

     The top gate of the elementary is closed from 7:55 a.m. to – 2:20 p.m. daily. If you need to pick up or drop off anything at the office during the day, please park by our visitors’ signs to the right and left of the gate and call 966-8866. Someone from the office will come to your car to help you.

    Thankfully at this point schools are still considered essential and allowed to operate at status-quo. We will continue to operate our on-campus program until further notice. Unfortunately, the preschool is still closed until September 8.

Change in Policy
     Starting Monday, parents of Kindergarten – second-grade students will park your car in the paved parking area between the Canefire Kitchen and the office. Parents, please stay in your car and a teacher or staff member will come to your car to screen your child. This will help alleviate any additional contact. Thank you for your cooperation.

     During this current rise in cases in our community, we must maintain our vigilance. Let’s continue to pray for those who are sick or under quarantine, that God will grant them an abundance of grace. Let’s continue to pray that the Lord will protect us and that we will have the endurance to stay the course.

Stay Safe and Have an Amazing Weekend.

Grace and Flexibility!
God Bless.
T. I. Rimel

08/21/20 – COVID-19 Addendum Update

Out of State or Out of Country Travel:
• Our policy for out of state travel is simple. If a family member that lives within your household has traveled to the mainland and returns home and elects to quarantine at home exposing a student to the possible risk that student will be required to stay out of school until the 14-day period of quarantine has been completed. The student will be placed on DLP during that time. We have held our faculty and administration to this same policy. No exceptions to this rule.

• As far as interisland travel we are discouraging our families from traveling interisland while school is in session. If an immediate family member that lives in the same house has to travel to the other islands during the school year for any reason we are asking for the family to inform the school so the child can be monitored. The student does not have to quarantine. We do ask the parents to monitor the child daily and inform the school of any changes. If the person traveling was required or suggested to quarantine on their return from another island the student still does not have to Quarantine. We do ask the parents to monitor the child daily and inform the school of any changes. The reason for this rule is that the state has made too many exceptions for island people to get exemptions from quarantining. We have families that do not have to quarantine and families that do. The problem is they have been traveling in the same areas and just because you are considered essential doesn’t mean you are immune to COVID.

Immediate Family Member Test Positive: If a family member who lives in the same house with the student tests positive for COVID, the student will not be able to return to school until everyone in their household has been declared cleared of COVID and adhered to a 14-day quarantine after all symptoms have subsided. (Students will be placed on Distance Learning Program).

COVID Testing for Student or Immediate Household Member: If the DOH or any other agency request the student or an immediate family member to be tested we ask that the student stay out of school until the test results are available. If the student or family member’s results are negative, then the student may return to school the next day. If the student or the family member’s results are positive, the student will be placed on DLP until 14 days after the symptoms have ceased.

If a student within a Pod tests positive for COVID: all parents in the CLA family will be notified and the administration will decide to transition the Pod or Pods to the Distance Learning Program. This allows only certain Pods to be affected by potential sickness and not the entire school. Parents of students in other Pods who wish to hold their child out of school will be allowed to go on Distance Learning until all Pods are allowed to return.

08/12/20 – COVID-19 Addendum Update

Aloha CLA Families,

Due to the recent developments in our community, we are requiring all faculty and students (K-12) to have their mask on throughout the entire day, even in class. Masks may be removed during physical activity (PE, outdoor play during recess). This new policy starts tomorrow, Thursday, August 13th. We will continue to keep all students and staff health at our highest priority.  Thank you so much for your continued diligence. 

– CLA Administration

07/20/20 – COVID-19 Addendum for the 2020-2021 School Year

Aloha CLA families,

In light of the current situation that we are in due to COVID-19, the administration has an updated COVID-19 addendum addressing new school policies and procedures for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Parents, please read through the “COVID-19 Update – All Students” PDF as well as your student’s specific POD COVID-19 addendum.

ALL Students