COVID-19 Policy Updates

Preschool (three and four year olds) Protocols will be gone over by your teacher at the scheduled open house appointment.

Parents are to report to the office anytime they are on either campus during the school day. Parents are never to go directly to a classroom to drop off anything for their child. Parents may stop by anytime during the day as long as they keep their access to the office area. Parents should stay in their car when dropping their children off in the morning. On the Lower Campus parents exit their cars at the Rosie “O” to sign their children out after school.

We ask parents and visitors to wear a mask anytime they are out of their cars on campus.

We are continuing a basic health screening and check-in each morning. Parents will still drop their children off at the designated areas and wait for the screening to take place. Once the screening takes place the parents may leave.

  • Kindergarten – 8th Grade at the Rosie “O”
  • 9th – 12th Grade – Upper Campus Courtyard

Students and faculty members will be asked to sanitize their hands when they first arrive at school each day.

There will be no temperatures taken during morning screening. Only three questions will be asked.

  • “Are you displaying any symptoms of being sick?”
  • “Are you running a temperature?”
  • “Is anyone in your family displaying signs of sickness?”
  • If the students answer no, then they will be admitted into school for the day.
  • If a student answers yes to the first two questions they should be sent home for the day. The third question is for monitoring purposes.
  • Health Screening will register daily attendance. Any student arriving to either campus after 7:55 a.m. should report to the office for morning screening before going to class.

We are again asking parents to do health screening before coming to school. If your child is feeling sick, showing signs of being sick, or is running a temperature please keep the child home until all symptoms have subsided for at least 24 hours.

If your child has had suspected contact with someone with COVID keep your child home until you receive a negative COVID test, he /she has been cleared by the DOH, or there has been a seven-day no symptom period.

If a student or faculty member contracts COVID the person is to remain home until ten days after the symptoms have subsided or the person is cleared by the DOH.

If a student or faculty member is being tested for COVID, for any reason, he/she is to remain out of school until the negative results are received.

If a faculty member or student has a household member that is being tested because the person is having symptoms of sickness then the student or faculty member should stay home until the household member receives the negative results. If a household member is required by a school or an employer to be tested on a regular basis then the student or faculty member does not have to stay home.

PODS – The Preschool (3 & 4 year olds), Lower Campus ( Kindergarten- 8th grade), and Upper Campus (9th Grade) will be the only POD Distinctions.

MASK – Because of the State and County mandates, students from Kindergarten – 12th grade will only be required to wear masks while in the classrooms. Students do not have to wear a mask once they leave the classroom. High school students do not have to wear them in the courtyard.
Students may wear masks at all times at the parents’ request. School personnel will not be responsible for monitoring individual students wearing masks outside of the classrooms.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – The school has returned to the standard three-foot radius both in and out of the classroom.

SANITIZING – Students and faculty are requested to follow basic personal hygiene. Wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating. We will not require students to sanitize their hands when leaving or entering classrooms. All classrooms and public areas will be sanitized at the end of each school day.

We are not expanding our SDLP. We are not adding in any new students. Students who finished last year on SDLP or who registered at the end of last year are the only ones eligible for this year.

Students who stay home for non-COVID sickness or who are traveling will not be allowed to go on SDLP for that period of time. They will be officially out of school.

If a student must be out for a week or more for health reasons they will be allowed to go on SDLP until they return to school.

The administration and faculty will be able to switch the entire school to DLP within 36 hours for any emergency situation.

TRAVEL POLICIES – If a faculty member, parent, or student travels outside of the state during the academic year and they have not been vaccinated they will have to be tested to return to the state and then tested again three days later to return to school.

There are no travel restrictions for interisland travel.