Sportspage 2

Canefire Athletics

Christian Liberty Academy is a member of the Big Island Interscholastic Federation. We also participate in many county and city recreation leagues for the elementary and intermediate students.

The purpose of the athletic program at CLA is to provide the means by which a student may participate in sports under the tutelage of a coach who is a Christian. Through athletics we seek to familiarize our students with the principles of setting goals both for the team and individual. We seek that the athlete learns the importance of teamwork as well as obeying authority. We desire that the athlete learns the fundamental skills associated with the sport that he/she is involved with and, thereby, increases the enjoyment of the game through active participation. Most importantly, we seek that a participant realizes that the talents and strength that he/she possesses are gifts from God. It is important that each participant uses his/her talents for the glory of God during practice and competition.